“Play a different Mahjong puzzle everyday”

If you have been a fan of classic table games, then you definitely have an idea of what mahjong is all about. For some individuals, this is a kind of a ritual game for them together with their friends and colleagues. It usually requires four players. This game is commonly played during the late afternoons or after dinner as a past time and a family bonding experience. As the years went by, this game has evolved into a perfect instrument for gambling and since then the mahjong game has been popular all over the world.

Two Types of Mahjong Game
As the regular mahjong game progressed and took a transformation of a gambling game. It has also caught the interest of some of the games innovators and mahjong has branched into two different kinds of games. One is known as Puzzle Mahjong. This is the kind of mahjong where you will unlock other mahjong pieces by pairing each tile with another. Now it has to be that the tiles you are pairing have the equivalent design in it so that you can unlock the tiles that are under them.

This type of mahjong is quite challenging for beginners, simply because the tiles looked the same when you’re still new in the game. Locating for pair tiles can be boring at first but when you get the hang of it, and when you are able to be familiar with the mahjong tiles then you will not have any problems at all. It is also a popular belief that when you play puzzle mahjong, you will eventually be more adept in using the tiles in a puzzle game.
On the other hand, we have mahjong solitaire. It’s basically the same with solitaire cards, but the only difference is that you are using mahjong tiles instead of the cards. However, it is still quite challenging, and you will definitely get confused with how the tiles are presented. Furthermore, you will have a challenging experience as well in arranging the tiles in its proper succession, this due to the designs of each tile, which is not really that familiar to all mahjong players. So it is safe to say that mahjong solitaire also gives a new level of a challenge to a player.

Although these mahjong game types present a different level of difficulty of each game type that would really give a great challenge to everybody who loves to play mahjong. However, the mahjong game is not really hard to play with. All that is really required is the player must be familiar with all the mahjong tiles that are being played in any type of mahjong game. Now we all know that there are several mahjong tiles in use in a mahjong game, so you definitely orient yourself with all of them to be effective in any mahjong game that you play with.