Understanding Mahjong

Mahjong was originally discovered in China a few centuries ago and since then; the mahjong game has contributed so much in the gaming industry and became one of the famous games in the history of mankind. Today, we are enjoying different varieties of the mahjong game and all of these versions are fun to take part in but there’s nothing like it when you’re playing the original game of mahjong. Although the online version of the mahjong game has propelled the mahjong game to new heights, it is still great to experience what the original game is and know the history behind it.

Mahjong Basics

The mahjong game uses tiles and there are 144 tiles all in all. These tiles are based on Chinese characters and a variety of traditional symbols and all of which have a very unique design. The standard game comes with three different categories of tiles; we have suit tiles, character tiles, and wheel tiles. Some other versions of the mahjong game feature a different set of tile categories, including dragon tiles, wind tiles, and the season tiles.

Therefore, it is very important that the player is quite familiar with the tiles that they are using in the mahjong game for his knowledge of the tiles could also determine his chances in the game. Although the mahjong game has a lot of versions of the game, still it applies the same basic rule for every game except for a few changes here and there, which do not have a major effect upon the game as it progresses.

On the other hand, the online version of the game has also attracted a lot of online gamers and has also improved the game play of the mahjong game in the online platform. The online version incorporates puzzles and other challenges that make the mahjong game more interesting, and the best part of it is that the online version can be played by your lonesome.