The Basic of the Online Mahjong

There is a huge difference between the original version of the mahjong game and the online version, and this difference is practically the advantage that the online version of mahjong has over the original one. The online version of the mahjong game features a different set of rules since it is played through the Internet, so the rules have been modified in order to accommodate or provide the player a unique game play.

Apply a Strategy

Most individuals have said that it is impossible to win in the online mahjong. However, this statement is not true. The online mahjong is not as hard as the original table version. The rules on the online mahjong are redefined to give the player more access on the tiles which originally played by four players so that it could be distributed equally between players. But in the online version, there is only one individual who is playing the game so most of the tiles are hidden away and will be uncovered when the player continuous to play the game.

There will be a great challenge that the player will face along the game and that particular challenge is the familiarity of the puzzles and what to do with them. When the player is still new to the game and knows nothing about the old version of mahjong, he will definitely have a hard time understanding the game. The key is, he has to make some research about the game and try to understand that history behind the game and while at it, be familiar with the tiles that are being used.

When the player is able to do this, his chances of winning increases because of the knowledge, he gained. Unfortunately, this will not guarantee a win for him. The mahjong game is not just about playing it without using your brain; you have to be witty when you play mahjong. Be able to observe how the tiles are arranged and find a possible way to solve the puzzle presented. When the player is able to do such, he will have an easier time in finding a solution for the mahjong puzzle.