Testing your Memory Capacity

Our memory is a critical part of what we are. It is in the memory where we relive the times where we have so much elation, and it is still there that we remember the painful times in our lives. For the elderly population, their memory serves as an hour glass. Their memory is able to take them far back to the days where they are still fit and relived their glory days.

Unfortunately, all of us grow old and part of aging is losing our memory, and nothing is more dreadful than to experience loss of memory. You will not be able to recall most of your past experiences and will not be able to comprehend what the current events of your life. It’s kind of sad when you really think about that happening to you.

Retrain your memory

Enhancing your memory in your old days is not a difficult task; all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Playing game online is believed to have improved the memory of kids and the same is expected for older adults who have memory problems. One of the benefits of mahjong is to reduce the degenerative effects of the disease dementia. The mahjong game helps stimulate the concentration ability of the individual which sharpens their memory in the long run.

Furthermore, it encourages quick thinking and the power to recall recent memory, which ultimately helps the individual redevelop his thinking or his entire mental ability. There is no scientific fact to support this kind of theory. However, the sudden improvement in an old individual’s memory after exposing him in the mahjong game is significant enough to say that playing mahjong can really improve one’s diminishing memory.

So if you are experiencing some difficulty recalling some stuff or being forgetful most of the time, why not try playing online mahjong and see for yourself whether it really enhances your memory skills.