A new kind of Solitaire

Most of us have experienced playing the solitaire game through the use of solitaire cards. This game is a challenging enough and requires you to think hard on what the sequence of cards should you go with and do wise guessing on the cards that are faced down. This game will eventually be concluded once all the cards in the field are turned over right-side up.

Mahjong Solitaire

On the other hand, playing solitaire with the use of mahjong tiles is definitely unknown to most individuals who are solitaire players and playing this type of solitaire is really quite an extraordinary experience. Solitaire mahjong is a new mode of playing the mahjong game, and it really offers much excitement for the players who likes to play the game. The challenge in this game, however, is in the familiarity of the character of the tiles. You see each tile that is used in the mahjong game is unique from one another, and they also follow a sequence like what the solitaire cards have.

Unfortunately, there is one issue, and it’s the space that the tiles take up when they all are lined up together. But other than that, the mahjong solitaire is really a great game for anyone to learn. Basically, the strategy that is effective for the mahjong solitaire game is familiarity with the tiles of mahjong. However, familiarizing the tiles is a tough task because there are a lot of them, but it’s not impossible either, all the player needs to do is to practice frequently.

So if you’re kind of bored with the common card games that you play with together with your friends, why not try a new game of solitaire by using mahjong tiles, and you will definitely have the best time of your free time.